Yes, this is a real thing men are mad about.

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Wonder Woman is one of the most highly-anticipated movies of the year and rightfully so; It's the first time everyone's favorite Amazon is getting her own movie. While the DC Universe films so far haven't been great, there's been a lot of positive buzz surrounding this film. However, the film is causing some "controversy."

The legendary Alamo Drafthouse in Texas decided to have a "Women's Only" screening of Wonder Woman. This was done probably so women could go see the movie without having to have some dude try to mansplain everything that's happening. And it's just a cool way for women to get out and enjoy a movie about a woman kicking all kinds of ass with other women who probably also kick ass. It's also a cool nod to the character, as where she is from, there are no men around. Naturally, this has ruffled feathers because the male ego is as fragile as the Wonder Woman statue collection in their mom's basement.

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"No one loves me like you do!"

Dudes on the internet are calling this move "sexist" and asking "Have you ever done a 'Men Only' screening?" These things are most likely said while dragging their knuckles and cat-calling some woman on the street because that's what r/redpill on Reddit told them to do. So here's what I have to say to anyone who might be reading this who is upset about TWO screenings for women only of the movie: You're the worst.

How fragile and easily butthurt of an individual do you have to be to get upset that you can't see a movie at two specific times? This movie isn't a women's only all the time affair, no, it's just two specific screenings. IN TEXAS. This is happening miles and miles away. You can see the movie literally any other time you'd like, wherever you'd like, except for two screenings IN TEXAS. Meanwhile, women are just happy to have something that's specifically for them since you know, dudes typically try to regulate everything they do.

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Not pointing fingers but...

Women couldn't vote for a long time, but yes, a theater having two screenings of Wonder Woman is definitely the most sexist things that's ever happened. I could lay out evidence of how women are mistreated on a daily basis at home, at the workplace, and in public, but these two screenings of Wonder Woman somehow outweigh sexual assault statistics and the wage gap. It makes sense, we're men which means we've become accustomed to getting our way. It sure does suck when we get told no. And please don't misconstrue this as some sort of example me hating myself as a man or whatever. I'm totally cool being a man. But I'm not cool with people "crying wolf" when it comes to sexism.

And the worst part is, and I know this is true because I've done it before, a lot of people just want to see this movie so they can crap all over like the other DC movies. I've done it before with Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad. I think it's cool that they are having a screening for women who just want to enjoy the film without some edgelord saying what's been changed from the comic book. So yeah, sorry guys, you'll have to crap on this film at any other time besides the two "women only" screenings. And that's not even saying that women are going to love this film just because they share the same downstairs parts with the hero. But let them hate or enjoy it with other women.

In conclusion, this is the biggest case of "Oh c'mon" since Star Wars "fans" got mad that the leads in the the new films were a woman and a black guy. Real fans and normal human beings alike have no problem with "Women's Only" screenings of a character who embodies feminism. This all boils down to a big 'ol cup of "Get the **** over it and worry about crap that actually matters."