So I know it's only August, but Halloween makes me happy, and I know it makes many others happy too so let us enjoy this, okay?   Even though it's still hot outside, we are getting somewhat close to the best time of year, fall! Even though in the Tri-State we don't really begin to feel fall temps well into October. One of my favorite things about the end of the summer is we start seeing Halloween decorations roll out.

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I got a little excited on Sunday because my cousin Chris texted me a photo and it was of a Spirit Halloween sign that is up where Baby's R Us used to be in the Target complex on Evansville's east side.  Above the door, it says "opening soon!"  I know this is such a small thing to get excited about, but Halloween is my favorite time of year. I love walking around the Halloween decor aisles and finding decor for my own home.  I go all out for Halloween every year with decorations, but I also have some Halloween decorations that are actually just year-round decor in my house.  Why?  I don't know, because Halloween makes me happy?

When I was a kid my dad always went all out for Halloween. He always had those old plastic blow mold Halloween figures that lit up that he'd place in front of our house. I remember how excited I'd get to pick out my own costume and I could be whoever/whatever I wanted for one day.  Ever since then I've had a love for this holiday. Now I'm the proud owner of those blow molds my dad used to put out and they light up my yard every year around October.

No word yet on when they'll be opening, but the big Spirit Halloween sign is already hanging above the doors.  I checked the Spirit Halloween website, and they also didn't say an opening date, but did say that it will be "opening soon." Get ready friends, the best time of year is almost here!

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