Here it is, folks -- your daily distraction from whatever horrid employment you might find yourself in. Luckily, if you're caught watching this you won't be there much longer. Hooray! You can thank us later as you pack up your cubicle.

In this video -- which is basically nothing but goats yelling like humans for just over two minutes -- we learned that not only should we not judge a book by its cover but also that we'd like to purchase a goat. So if you've got one for sale or have a friend who does, give us a call. We are in the market!

We won't lie; our judgements got the best of us when first pressing play. Honestly, who wants to watch goats scream for two minutes? Well, apparently we do.

PS: Please, don't get fired. Just give your boss a view of this and he or she will be cackling wildly for the rest of the day. Do we hear promotion? 

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