Usually the main concerns people have about going to the beach are shark attacks and jellyfish stings. Now they have to worry about 8 feet tall Lego men storming our beaches in an attempt to take over the world!

OK, so maybe that's not their goal, but one recently showed up in Siesta Key Beach in Florida. Don't believe me, see for yourself:

First reported by the website, BoingBoing, and picked up by a contributor to Yahoo, the unbelievable sight was first noticed by a man strolling along the beach. Representatives from Lego claim they have nothing to do with the mysterious appearance and were quick to say that they do not endorse or support the so-called "stunt" in anyway shape or form.

While this is the first reported sighting of a giant Lego man in the U.S., it's not the first time it's happened. There have been two instances in Europe, once in Amsterdam back in 2007 and again on a beach in Britain.

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