Do We Have Any LEGO Fans Out There?
Do your kids love Legos? Angel here and my son Tucker is obsessed with building and playing with them. We were pumped to find out just a few hours down the road we can have the ultimate Lego experience.
The Rob Reviews LEGO Movie The Video Game
I recently finished ANOTHER LEGO game.  While these games probably qualify as being "children's games", that doesn't stop my girlfriend and me from playing these games for dozens of hours until we get 100% completion and unlock that coveted platinum trophy!  You…
‘The LEGO Movie’ Review
Few things scream "cash grab" as loudly as a movie about a popular children's toy, as these productions rely highly on the brand recognition of children and nostalgia of adults. Making a good movie inspired by pre-existing playthings is such a rare thing that it almost seems impossible. Th…
LEGO Michael Jackson!
There's no song I associate Halloween with than Michael Jackson's "Thriller."  And of course, the music video for the song is among the most recognizable music videos of all time.  LEGO expert Annette Jung made a stop-motion tribute to the video's introduct…

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