Wood furniture is soooooo 2012.

Possibly inspired by inflatable floating lounge chairs during a trip to the local pool (probably not true, but you never know), designer Philipp Beisheim saw an niche in the furniture market that he felt compelled to fill. So he went to the drawing board and came up with furniture you can set up and take down in just a matter of seconds using that invisible stuff we all need to keep living – air.

The concept is simple. Need a quick end table? Simply hook up a standard manual air pump, put just a tiny amount of elbow grease into it, and BOOM, you have another spot for guests to set their drinks, or kids to draw on with crayons.

The table in the video, along with a stool Beisheim created are made from a product called Hypalon, the same material used to create inflatable rafts (the kind you see used as lifeboats, not the kind you use in your pool), meaning they're durable so if you're a college student, you wouldn't have to worry too much about them being punctured easily by an errant fork or broken beer bottle during your epic house party. Conversely, if you're a parent, they should withstand the wrath of a child wielding one of those sharp little toys you step on in the middle of the night on your trip to the bathroom.

I'd imagine they would also come in handy on a camping trip or outdoor get together for those times when you're sitting around the fire or playing a game of cornhole and need somewhere to set your drink of choice in the event you didn't bring a chair with built-in cup holders, or it's your turn to throw the cornhole bags.

From what I can tell, the table and stool are the only two pieces Beisheim has created, and there's no mention of selling his invention to the public at this time. Although I think if marketed toward the outdoor and camping enthusiasts, he has a potential cash cow sitting in his lap.

[Source: Dezeen.com via Gizmodo]