Remember when they added wheels to suitcases and how excited you were that you wouldn't have to carry them around the airport? Well, prepare to be excited all over again.

A company called NUA Robotics has created a suitcase that will follow you and can be tracked by your smartphone.

According to Mashable:

By using an in-suitcase camera sensor as well as Bluetooth pairing through a smartphone app, the suitcase knows where its owner is, and can follow along (at least on flat surfaces).

In addition, the suitcase can charge mobile devices, keep tabs on its own weight and has an alarm should anyone try to steal it.

The idea certainly seems like it would fit a need, but we can't help but wonder about possible safety concerns. Seeing what appears to be an unattended bag move through any public location could potentially make people nervous about what may be inside it. Then, there's always the possibility that people with bad intentions will use this to their advantage.

NUA hopes to make the bags available for purchase in about a year and is already eyeing the possibility of expanding the service to work on shopping carts at the supermarket.

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