It seems to me like the new Story Trail at Garvin Park is tackling two important challenges at the same time - finding ways to get kids more excited about an active lifestyle and reading. According to the Evansville Trails Coalition, the Story Trails Project...

Facilitates and promotes the access to active living spaces for people in our community, creating ways to incorporate physical activity, literacy, placemaking, and improving the quality of life to those in, and around our parks and green spaces. The Story Trail encourages families and groups to visit the park and enjoy the wonderful stories available for all to enjoy!

What is the Story Trail and how does it work? It seems pretty simple – kids will start following the trail, stopping along the way to read pages from a couple different children’s stories. One of the first stories being featured at Garvin Park might seem kind of familiar - it's Gary's Gigantic Dream! You might remember us talking about this book being used as a fundraiser for the Stoplight City Playground project. Dr. Nicole Julia is back, helping another great cause for children in Evansville. The other story featured on the trail is DJ's Busy Day.

There will be a special ribbon-cutting ceremony on November 13th, officially opening the first Story Trail in Evansville. The Garvin Park Story Trail is funded by the Healthy Communities Partnership and Evansville Vanderburgh Public Library. The goal is to open two more story trails in Evansville, one at Akin Park and one at Howell Park. Fundraising for the additional trails is happening now if you would like to help. Learn more and donate to the projects here.

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