With springtime comes the annual Evansville Streets Alive!  It's Evansville's open street event, part of a nationwide movement to get people moving.  It's not just a street fair, though, it's much more; however, no vehicles are allowed, but if you want to bring your bicycle, skateboard or walk or dance, you're invited to do so!  This year's event, coming up this Sunday, will have an additional new location.

Yes, the event will be on North Main Street, as in the past, and also at Garvin Park.  The event begins at 12:30 p.m. and will run until 4:30 in the afternoon.  It kicks off with a fundraiser for Delaware School called the "Delaware Dash," a 5K run/walk.  Plus there will be a mass community yoga session and the AWEsome parade, which stands for All Wheels in Evansville, and is an activity for all nonmotorized wheels (bicycles, tricycles, skates, strollers, wheelchairs, Big Wheels, etc.)

The are other additional activities taking place, as well, and you can read more here on Evansville Streets Alive! facebook page or call812-435-5015.  Whatever you do, get out and move this Sunday.  Evansville Streets Alive! will help you do that and provide some family fun, too!

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