How clean is Monica's apartment? Is it that hard to PIVOT? How cute would you and your friends look inside Central Perk? All of these questions and more will be answered when The FRIENDS Experience arrives in Nashville, TN.

 What is The FRIENDS Experience?

Picture yourself (And your besties) sitting in a scene from 'FRIENDS'! This super awesome pop-up event travels to different cities, giving fans the chance to get the ultimate 'FRIENDS' Experience.

Cities, Dates, Tickets:

So, they have not released the date or address of the 2022 stop in Nashville, TN. Those details will be out very soon. I highly suggest signing up for the email updates like I did. Then you'll know when the tickets are available.

Corporate Events:

If your employer really loves you, they will have your next team outing at The 'FRIENDS' Experience. Okay, I looked into the pricing for an exclusive corporate event...Any guesses on the cost?

To host an event at The Friends Experience the minimum cost is $10,000.00. 

Did You Know?

'FRIENDS' made its debut on NBC on September 22, 1994. That was the year a lot of us were in high school or graduating. I didn't want to do the math, but I did...That was 27 years ago! Scroll down for more 'FRIENDS' trivia. 

It's finally time to use your PTO and practice your catching skills because The FRIENDS™ Experience is expanding to several new cities in 2022! And we’re going international! Watch these fans prove that they’re not droppers and see if your city is on the list. Sign up for our waitlist HERE to be the first to hear about pre-sales and opening dates. Brought to you by @superfly__X.


The One With Fun Trivia About 'Friends'

Before you make plans to see The FRIENDS Experience in Nashville, TN, you need to brush up on your 'Friends' trivia.

Created by Warner Bros. and Superfly X, The FRIENDS™ Experience is an interactive celebration of the iconic TV show.
Fans can step inside the world of FRIENDS™ and explore set recreations, view original props and costumes, and shop at The FRIENDS™ Experience Store.

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