WBKR's Friday Night Fight is back!  We're teaming up with the Western Kentucky Regional Blood Center to bring you an awesome talent contest that's going to be part of Friday After 5's 25th Anniversary Season: The Mile of Music!  And the singer or band that wins is going to pocket $1000 and get to headline the Pier on Friday, September 3rd, the closing night of the season.

If you know someone- a singer, duo, trio, or band- with the talent to compete, here are the official rules for the contest!


Presented by The Country Station, 92.5 WBKR, Friday After 5, and the Western Kentucky Regional Blood Center

Official Contest Rules

#1- Contestants must be 13 years of age by September 3rd, 2021.

#2-  To be eligible for WBKR’S FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHT . . . participants MUST audition at one of our three preliminary qualifying events.  Those events will be held 6pm to 8pm the RiverPark Center's Jagoe Homes Patio Stage at BB&T Plaza on the following dates:

  • Friday, May 28th (6pm)
  • Friday, June 18th (6pm)
  • Friday, July 9th (6pm)
  • FINALE- Friday, August 6th (6pm)
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In the event of rain or other unforeseen events, auditions will be moved indoors.
#3-  To be eligible to audition, participants MUST register, in advance, online at WBKR.com or via the WBKR app.  There will be a limit of 15 acts on each audition night and registration will close when each audition's roster is full.  Registrations for each date will open two weeks prior.  Eligible contestants will be notified when their audition is confirmed.

**Audition registrations will open two weeks in advance of each specific audition date. For instance, registration for the May 28th audition will open on May 14th and will close when all spaces are filled.  Audition slots for the June 18th audition will then open on Friday, June 4th and so on.**

#4- Participants must also provide their own accompaniment.  Friday After 5 is a LIVE music event, so CDs, MP3 devices, etc. are STRICTLY PROHIBITED.  All performers must be accompanied by live instrumentation.

#5-  A panel of WBKR FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHT judges will choose two finalists from each FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHT audition.  The two remaining finalists will be designated as “Wild Card” entries and may/will be selected from the entire pool of hopefuls.  Selections of FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHT finalists are FINAL and indisputable.

#6- Since judges may vary at each FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHT audition, would-be participants can audition at other events if they so choose and are encouraged to do so.

#7- WBKR’S FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHT is open to solo acts, duos, small ensembles, and bands.  Our contest will be using the "house" sound system up at RiverPark Center, and, consequently, everything MUST be plug and play.  Amps are PROHIBITED at auditions.  Drum sets are PROHIBITED during the audition process, though a single snare, bongo, or beatbox is allowed.  THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THESE RULES in either the audition or finale process. Failure to adhere to this rule could result in immediate disqualification from the contest.

**One note, the overall winning act is allowed amps and a full drum kit at their Sept 3rd headlining performance at the Pier.

#8- The WBKR FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHT finale is 6pm, Friday, Aug 6th at Friday After 5.  Our two winners from each prelim round and our two "Wild Card" finalists will be on hand to compete for the grand prize.

#9-  At WBKR’S FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHT finale event, finalists will prepare THREE songs.  Please note, there will be a limit of EIGHT finalists and those finalists will compete, bracket-style, in a series of head-to-head eliminations.  Our judges will provide live performance feedback after each round and then declare a winner to advance.  The finale will continue in this manner through semifinal and final rounds.  The judges’ decisions are final and indisputable.

#10- The winner of WBKR’S FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHT will win $1000 and headline Friday After 5's finale concert at the Pier (the Ruoff Party Stage) on Friday, September 3rd at Friday After 5 in Owensboro.  The champion(s) will prepare a full 2-hour-long set.  Any sound requirements by the champion and those participating in the performance MUST be cleared by WBKR personnel, who will then get clearance from the organizers of Friday After 5.  The sound system will be provided and operated by the Owensboro Convention Center and staff.

#11-  In addition to appearing on stage at Friday After 5, the champion of WBKR’S FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHT is invited to appear live in the WBKR studios in advance of September 3rd.  While the invitation to appear is optional, it is encouraged as it presents an excellent opportunity for additional media exposure.

#13-  The Country Station, 92.5 WBKR, the organizers of Friday After 5 and Western Kentucky Regional Blood Center reserve the right to change any of the above rules or prizes without notice before and/or during the contest.  The decisions of the WBKR staff and its partners are final and cannot be disputed.

#14-  Owners, employees, servants, or agents of WBKR, Friday After 5 and other sponsors or relatives or family members of such owners, officers, directors, employees, servants, or agents are NOT eligible to participate in WBKR’s FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHT.  However, finalists of past WBKR-sponsored talent contests such as “Willie-Oke,” “Goldie’s Survivor,” and “The Battle for the Big O” may participate in our newest talent search.  In fact, past champions of the aforementioned contests ARE eligible to compete.

By signing this document, I hereby declare that I have read, understand, and agree to comply with the above rules and regulations for WBKR’S FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHT presented by Friday After 5 and Western Kentucky Regional Blood Center.  I hereby release any photos/video/audio of myself to WBKR/Friday After 5 during this process to use for promotional purposes. I also declare I own the rights to any original music I perform during the audition process and during Friday After 5, if I am the winner of this contest.

In consideration of the foregoing and for valuable consideration, I hereby forever release and discharge Townsquare Media, Friday After 5 and their officers, directors, and any employees from any claim, loss, or damage caused by or arising out of my participation in the aforementioned contest, or related to the prize itself, or its use and/or operation by myself and/or my guests.  Townsquare Media, Friday After 5 and have completely fulfilled their obligation to me as a potential prize winner   I acknowledge that I am not, nor is anyone in my immediate family eligible to win any prize(s) on this radio station for 30 days.  I further acknowledge that I am responsible for all local, state, and federal taxes and license fees arising out of my participation in this contest and I will receive IRS Form 1099 within 31 days from the end of the calendar year should the value of the total prize consideration exceed $600.00 (Six Hundred Dollars and no cents).

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