Tis the season for Christmas photos with Santa Claus and my buddy Bob Dasher (er, I mean Santa) is once again offering FREE photos to families in the Owensboro area.  And here's the fun kicker. Bob's not only Santa, he's about to be "Movie Star" Santa!

A few months back we shared the exciting news that Bob recently traveled to Atlanta, where, as Santa, he filmed scenes for an upcoming Netflix movie.  That movie, The Drone That Saved Christmas, was originally scheduled for release this month.  I did check out IMDB this morning to find the actual release date, but wasn't able to find the exact date it will be available to stream.  I talked to Santa this morning and he's promised to keep us posted.

But here's what we know about the project.

BreakOut Music, the production company behind The Drone That Saved Christmas, is the same company the produced The App That Stole Christmas, a 2020 comedy release.  Here's the trailer for that film.

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Bob spent nearly 24 hours on set filming his scenes for the follow up to that movie.

Of course, appearing as Santa Claus is what Bob does.  He makes appearances all over Owensboro (with Mrs. Claus right by his side and sleigh).  Plus, he's widely popular on the high seas.  In fact, his Santa has been known to show up on Carnival Cruise ships and surprise the Camp Carnival kids!

Tina Meschko
Tina Meschko

Now, if your kids would like to get a photo with a Santa they're about to be able to see on Netflix, here's where he's going to be and when.  And, yes, these photos are FREE!  All you have to do is to bring your phone or camera to the following locations at the noted dates and times.

Nov 20, 5:30-7pm at Shoe Stop (Kroger Plaza on Frederica)
Nov 27, 11a-2pm at KidStop (Kroger Plaza on Frederica)
Dec 4, 1-3pm at KidStop
Dec 17, 2-5pm at Independence Bank (2425 Frederica)
Dec 18, 11am-3pm at KidStop

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