Every time you visit a new city, you're always encourage to check out the local fare only available at that city. If you visit Chicago, you have to dry a deep dish pizza. If you head down 41 to Memphis, you're always encourage to try Barbecue. Well, Evansville may not have a unique food that Evansville is known for, the city does offer fare that you can only find here. Read on to find our list of favorite food staples of Evansville.

Red Velvet

Evansville has its fair share of ice cream places. There are plenty of Dairy Queens and Cold Stone Creameries  to get your fill of Blizzards  and creations but one place you can't find outside of the Tri-State is Lic's Deli and Ice Cream. As you can tell by the name, Lic's serves more than ice cream but it's the cold stuff that keeps me coming back for more. They have your favorite ice cream staples year round like vanilla bean, chocolate and cookies cream but its there seasonal specials that are out of this world. My personal favorite? That would be a tie between Red Velvet (featuring real pieces of red velvet cake and cream cheese frosting) and Thin Mint (with you guessed it, real Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies).


So, whenever you got to a bowling alley, getting amazing food doesn't come to mind. I was of this mindset until recently whenever a group of us ventured over to Franklin Lanes not to bowl but to check out a pinball machine (yeah, we're a cool bunch of guys).  The 11th Frame Burger is Evansville's equivalent of a Juicy Lucy burger that you would find in Minneapolis. An 11th Frame burger consists of two burger patties with cheese, spices and onions melted in-between the two patties. Order the burger with a side of waffle fries and a Coke and you're in heaven!


Ask many people who their favorite Stromboli is and you'll hear Pizza King mentioned a lot! I, for one, am a Pizza King faithful. What makes their stroms so special? In my opinion its the sausage. The finely ground sausage just sets the stage for the rest of the sandwich. Plus, you get your sandwich wrapped in the aluminum foil it was cooked in. What's so special about that? Well, for one thing, you get the spillover sausage that didn't stay on the sandwich melted in with extra sauce, cheese and onions. I'm so hungry now after writing that!


The Bar B-B-Q Barn may not be the oldest barbecue joint in town but in my opinion, their brisket is the best! There is nothing fancy about the place at all: a few tables with a counter that you place your orders from. One pretty cool feature, though, is their large collection of antiques that sit off to one side of the restaurant. You don't go to The Bar-B-Q Barn for the antiques, you go for the barbecue! The meat is so tender it melts in your mouth and for those that love to douse their meat in barbecue sauce, you can choose between their sweet or vinegar sauce and apply as much as you want (they have the sauces at the table).


You don't have to be a zombie to enjoy some brains! The Hilltop Inn probably serves one of the more unique sandwiches that you can get,  brain sandwich. The cow brain sandwich is fried to a crisp so that it looks like a breaded tenderloin patty.  The brain sandwich is such unique meal, it Asylum named the Hilltop Inn as the manliest restaurant in America!

Is your favorite Evansvillle food staple not 0n the list? Let us know what your favorite is in the comments below!




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