Remember the show, Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous? The voice of the late Robin Leach would lead you through the house of a famous celebrity. His British/Australian accent made the mansion, beach house, or yacht seem even more awesome. I was glued to the television every time the show was on, I loved it.

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California Dream

The thing I loved the most was seeing where celebrities actually lived and seeing all of their really cool stuff. I would dream of having my own incredible house someday when I became a famous Hollywood actress and director. But instead, I live in Philpot, KY, work as a radio personality, and am still trying to get trim up in my house. I'm living the dream. LOL

I do love my life and where I live, but it would be so cool to have a crazy awesome, celebrity-style home right here in KY. Well, I searched and I found one. Now, to figure out the financing.

Luxurious Kentucky Home

The 5.2 million dollar home situated on 5 acres with garage space for 6 vehicles, full gym and an infinity pool with pool house, is located in Prospect, KY.  It's just about the most amazing home I have ever seen. It sure beats those gaudy celebrity homes from the '80s. It is jaw-dropping gorgeous.

Take a look inside and prepare to be amazed.

Ever Wonder What A Five Million Dollar Home In KY Looks Like? Here You Go

The home is no longer for sale, but we can all use the photos to dream a little.

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