In a recent interview with MTV, Alan Menken, a prolific composer known well for his contributions to numerous Disney movies spanning over 20 years revealed which of our favorite Disney Songs almost didn't make the final cut!

In an interview about new directorial collaborations for the new live action remakes of Disney films such as the recently released and highly popular Beauty and The Beast to the upcoming live-action Aladdin films, Menken reveals that the creative process doesn't always mesh with directors and producers and sometimes songs get cut. In The Little Mermaid, "Part of Your World" was almost cut entirely due to testing poorly with audiences. He also reveals that songs are routinely cut from Disney films, including a song from Hercules. Can you imagine The Little Mermaid without "Part of Your World"?!

Menken goes on to say,

I had to fight to get Aladdin singing, “Riff-raff, street rat, I don't buy that...” They were like, "Just have him say that!" I was like, "No, no, no. We need the moment."

That's crazy to me, being a huge Aladdin fan and all. It's also revealed that in Pocahontas the song "If I Never Knew You" was also axed, but then put back into the movie at a DVD release.

Can you imagine if all of these iconic songs were never in our favorite Disney movies? That would be insanity! Pure insanity! Just to remind you how wonderful these songs are, check them out below and relive your childhood!

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