I don't know much about Jewish culture other than a Bar Mitzvah is a ceremony performed when a boy turns 13 that marks his transition into manhood in the eyes of the Jewish community. I also know that a Bat Mitzvah is the same thing only for young girls. Outside of that, my knowledge is limited, although I have heard their cars not only stop on a dime, but pick it up as well. I have not been able to confirm nor deny that info, however.

Stand-up comic, Mike Hanley, a member of the Jewish, community recently celebrated his daughter's Jessica Bat Mitzvah, and based on the video below, I assume part of the Bat Mitzvah festivities involves a traditional father-daughter dance...a dance Mike and his daughter, Jessica decided to jazz up a bit.

Things start out normally enough with a slow dance to "My Girl" from the Temptations, then, much to the surprise and delight of those in attendance, they break into they're own "Evolution of Dance" featuring songs like "Cotton-Eyed Joe", "Crank That" from Souja Boy, and Lou Bega's "Mambo No. 5". Mazel Tov!

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