Earlier today I went out and bought my wife's Christmas present, one of those eBook Tablets that all the ladies want (either that or a new smartphone, just in case you need an idea). But I digress, we went to a couple of other stores first, Wal-mart, Best Best, etc., and eventually ended at HHGregg. They had the name brand, High-End models like the Kindle, and the Nook Color, but they also had a lesser known brand, Coby, that did all things the other models did, but at a lesser price. Of course the higher priced models had some extra features, most of which my wife wouldn't have used, but for the money, we opted to go with the store brand. I've never been the type to buy things just because of the name, I like getting the most value for my buck without sacrificing quality. Some might call that cheap, but I like to use the term "financially conscious"!

Do you shop by Brand Name or by price?

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