Despite their perceived reputation as people who are trying to make life tougher on the public, the police officers I know are good-hearted men who are out to enforce the law and protect the public from the dangers of the world. This video is proof of that.

Am I a little biased because I do have good friends who are police officers? It's certainly a possibility, but I think the people who would label me a "police sympathizer" are the same people who give cops the stereotype that they're individuals looking to make life rough for the public while hiding behind a badge and a gun.

Funny thing, stereotypes, how it only takes a handful of bad things within a group to sour the reputation of the group as a whole, when the majority of said group is the complete opposite of those few "bad apples". I'm not saying there's no such thing as "bad cops", there's bad people in every industry, what I am saying is that the number of good cops far outweigh the bad.

The thing I've learned about stereotypes in general, and specifically the one about cops, is that they're perpetuated by people who, whether they want to believe it or not, do bad things, or at least things they shouldn't be doing. Are cops looking for people to step out of line? Of course they are, that's their job. Are they doing it to be mean or make the lives of those people a living hell? Not in my opinion. They're doing it to make sure the majority of us who are abiding by the rules feel safe and comfortable walking down the street.

The video below serves as proof that cops aren't only out there to help the citizens of the communities they serve, but are more than willing to go above and beyond simply upholding the law to help out people who need it. That includes Evansville Police Department Public Information Officer, Sergeant Jason Cullum who made headlines a few months ago when he stopped on I-164 to pick up a teddy bear that managed to find its way out the window of a vehicle up ahead.

To all the policemen and women out there, keep doing what you do, although most of us may not say it, you're efforts are appreciated.

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