A Facebook meme has been spreading through my newsfeed touting October 13th as No Bra Day. I think this had to have been created by a man, and I'll tell you why.


This meme is spreading like wildfire, and I am convinced that it was created by a man. First of all it says "Support Breast Cancer," not "Support Breast Cancer Research" or even "Support a Cure for Breast Cancer." It says "Support Breast Cancer." I don't know a single woman or person for that matter, that supports breast cancer. Let's be honest, a woman would have gotten that detail right.


The other reason I think this meme had to have been created by a man is because almost every woman I know would rather leave the house with their hair in rollers than leave without a bra. For most of us, once the binding bondage of the bra is removed at the end of the day, it means we are home for the night. Personally, I have actually said the words, "Ok. We can go in a second. I've just got to put my bra on." Heck, we even wear a bra when we could get a free pass - think strapless stick on bra - because our dresses would show a regular bra. Fact of the matter is most of us ladies don't like that particular feeling of freedom in public. At home, it's the highlight of the day, but in public... no way!


Whether you take part in this pseudo-holiday or not, that's up to you, but I still stand firm that this meme was created by some guy who thought that the power of social media would turn the girls loose for a day! As for me, I'll be wearing my over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder on October 13th because my padded bra is like the American Express card - you just don't leave home without it!