Even though it's not technically in Evansville, but this place is spot on all the time!  Whether you want BBQ Pork sandwiches, to juicy burgers, all the way to delicious ice cream, Tastee Freeze has all the flavors!!!!

Tastee Freeze Burger
Tastee Freeze Burger

This place is the winner for me for many different reasons

1.  Lunch, Dinner, and Dessert all in the same stop!

2.  You can enjoy it outside!!

3.  You can bring your furry friend along too to enjoy some delicious treats

4.  Homemade ice cream is seriously better.

5.  Their burgers are sooooo good, just look at the picture!  LOOK AT IT!

6.  They also cater!

7.  "Ice cream is good for you" - Danna Fortune

Every summer I look forward to driving out to Boonville to enjoy some delicious burgers (although you can now enjoy food all year round with their new building that just opened) and eating my favorites Pineapple Orange Swirl, and a vanilla ice cream with blue derby.

Now that your mouth is watering go get a burger and ice cream NOW


1002 E Walnut St.  Boonville, IN


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