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If you like golf and making charitable donations, then the upcoming golf scramble at Cambridge Golf Club in Evansville is win-win for you! The Evansville Rescue Mission on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard behind Central Library is much more than just a homeless shelter as I learned earlier today when PR Director, Chris Michael Morrison stopped by for an interview.

According to their website,, the Rescue Mission is the tri-state's oldest (it was established in 1917) and largest ministry dedicated to "reaching out to those overlooked by society--the homeless (men over 18), troubled teenagers, disadvantaged youth and impoverished families, living at or below the federal poverty line."

In addition to the shelter, the Rescue Mission offers the Youth Care Center, a juvenile detention center aimed at helping troubled young men and women between the ages of 12-18. During their stay, these young adults participate in group and individual therapy sessions as well as anger management programs and a host of other rehabilitation services aimed at helping them become better members of society.

They also run the Rescue Mission Thrift store at 2420 Washington Ave. in Evansville. Much like other thrift stores in the area, they sell gently used clothing as well as furniture, appliances, and other knick-knack type items. The thrift store is open to the general public.

Like every other charity and non-profit out there doing great things for the those less fortunate, the Evansville Rescue Mission relies solely on donations which is why functions such as this upcoming golf scramble is so important. If you or someone you know would like to spend a Monday on and awesome golf course helping out a local charity instead of sitting in the office, visit their website, or reach out to Chris-Michael Morrison directly by phone at 812-421-3800 or by e-mail at

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