The Evansville Police Department released the number of arrests made on New Year's Eve, and it's a number no one would have predicted.

Ringing in the New Year and consuming alcoholic beverages almost go hand-in-hand, a fact police around the country, including Evansville know all to well. Which is why they increase patrols, and set up DUI checkpoints across the city to make sure those that have had one-too-many get taken off the streets before someone gets seriously hurt.

Fortunately, Evansville residents apparently made a conscious effort to find a designated driver, stay home, or call a taxi after kicking off 2016, giving the EPD a relatively boring night.

Way to go Evansville! Even though we had extra D.U.I. enforcement out looking for impaired drivers there were ZERO drunk driving arrests made by the Evansville Police Department on New Year's Eve.

Posted by Evansville Police Department on Friday, January 1, 2016

Nice work Evansville!

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