For me, music is universal. If I'm in a good mood, there's a song or an album that can make it better. If I'm having a rough day, there's something I can turn on that will either soothe me or provide an avenue for venting my frustrations. The same applies to the holiday season. It doesn't feel like the holiday's until those famous holiday songs begin to play. And what better way to experience "the sounds of the season" then by taking in a performance of the Peppermint Pops by the Evansville Philharmonic Orchestra.

Philharmonic conductor Maestro Savia and Director of Marketing, Carrie Merrett stopped by the studio Tuesday afternoon to discuss what to expect during this year's performances at The Victory Theater in Downtown Evansville. According to Maestro Savia,'s the full orchestra, the full Evansville Philharmonic Chorus which is over 100 members on stage...we have some dancers, both dancers from the Evansville Ballet who will be doing some things from Nutcracker...dancers from Jan's School of Dance that are going to be doing a little closing number for the first act that may even bring Santa on stage...

Check out my full interview below which goes into more detail about what's in store during this weekend's two performances along with information about how much preparation goes into putting on this annual show (it's surprisingly not as much as you might think).

The Peppermint Pops performance by the Evansville Philharmonic is open to all ages and will take place Saturday at 7pm and Sunday afternoon at 2pm at The Victory Theater. Tickets available by calling the Philharmonic office at 812-425-5050 or by ordering online at

Here are a couple of samples of what you'll hear:

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Joy to the World