Forget Uber & Lyft and get ready for peddle-powered transportation! Downtown is welcoming the addition of Evansville Pedicab!

Evansville Pedicab
Rachel Mathew Photography

I am likely more excited about Evansville Pedicab than I should be but let's be honest. I love all things local and it doesn't get much more local than this new venture from Mary Allen (Sixth Street Soapery). Imagine a trip through downtown Evansville in a cushy seat as you're pulled along on a peddle-powered tricycle. According to their Facebook page:

Our goal is to offer a fun, friendly and green ride around downtown Evansville.

We may not be freaky fast, but we're freaky fun!

We haven't heard an exact date that the Pedicab services will begin running but we'll keep you in the loop. In the meantime, next time you're downtown be on the lookout for Evansville Pedicab!

Special thanks to Rachel Mathew Photography for allowing us to use her photo of Evansville Pedicab.


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