You were probably aware that this past Sunday the 60th Annual Grammy Awards took place...  BUT did you know that a man from right here in Evansville was on stage at the Awards AND took home FOUR major awards?!


While not necessarily a household name the way Bruno Mars is, Philip Lawrence has been a very major factor in Bruno's entire career.  Like, almost EVERY song you've ever heard Bruno sing on the radio has at the very least been co-written by Philip.  Also, when you see Bruno perform on stage (whether it be at the Grammy Awards, Saturday Night Live, or the freaking SUPER BOWL) Phillip is right up there with him!


Well, Philip Lawrence grew up here in the Tri-State...  He's even a Reitz Memorial High School alumni, class of 1992!  Lawrence is a friend of ours here at 106.1 KISS-FM.  A few years ago while in town promoting a concert, he stopped by and visited our afternoon show, sharing many of his memories of Evansville!


On Sunday, Philip Lawrence left with four Grammy Awards:  Record of the Year, Album of the Year, Song of the Year (regarded as THE THREE BIGGEST AWARDS the Grammy's hand out), and Best R&B Song!


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