Evansville native and GRAMMY award-winning musician, Philip Lawrence, has done it again, and it's possible that his latest project will be seen and heard by more people than just about anything else he has done in his already-successful career. The Reitz Memorial graduate was given a pretty monumental task - write a new original song to be included in the 50th-anniversary celebration at Walt Disney World. No pressure, right?

Philip has written and produced for a number of artists, including Bruno Mars and Adele, winning eight GRAMMY awards along the way. He wrote the music for the Netflix original Christmas movie Jingle Jangle. Those are great achievements, without question, but this is 'the mouse' we're talking about here - it doesn't get much bigger than that. Philip better bring it!

Well, of course, he did, because that's what Philip does. The former Disney World cast member returned to his roots to not only write but also sing "You Are the Magic," the title song for Disney Enchantment, the all-new 50th-anniversary celebration spectacular, now playing nightly at Disney World's Magic Kingdom. Disney Enchantment features fireworks, music, and projection effects from Cinderella's Castle all the way down Main Street, U.S.A.

I have to thank another one of Evansville's favorite Phils for this information. I'm talking about Evansville Police Department Assistant Chief Phil Smith. Now, to be 100% honest, I don't know if Phil is the one to thank, BUT, he was recently down in Disney World for the Cops Connecting With Kids trip, which shared this kernel of knowledge on their Facebook page. AND, Phil is in the picture that goes along with the post. AND, it makes for a cooler story if one Evansville Phil is sharing awesome news about another Evansville Phil.

Phil Smith Cops Connecting With Kids
Facebook/Cops Connecting With Kids

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