Stealing someone else's car is bad enough. Stealing it while the 78-year-old driver is helping their disabled spouse into a funeral home is the worst, especially when that disabled spouse's custom leg braces were in the car when you chose to steal it.

Evansville Police released the above surveillance photos Wednesday afternoon of the sleaze bag they believe to be the one who took Jane Purdy's car from Ziemer’s Funeral Home at 800 South Hebron Avenue on January 9th. Purdy had left the car running as she helped her husband into the building. Along with Mr. Purdy's braces, the vehicle also had checks and credit cards inside.

Despite an extensive search since the car was first reported stolen, investigators have not been able to locate the vehicle. So why do they think the piece of garbage pictured above is the guy responsible? Because the idiot used one of the stolen checks to buy alcohol and toilet paper at CVS on East Morgan Avenue the same day the car was stolen.

The car is described as a tan 2007 Toyota Camry with Indiana Plate UE1214, and features sorority and fraternity stickers on the lower edge of the front windshield.

If you have any information on the identity of this man and his whereabouts, contact the Evansville Police Department at 812-436-7979 or the Vanderburgh County Prosecutor's anonymous WetTip Hotline at 1-800-78-CRIME (27463).

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