Let's face it: women have to deal with a lot of things that men just don't.  It's pretty commonly known, but do men know just what it is that we deal with that they don't? Here's 12 annoyances women have to deal with that men just don't:

1. Fake Nails

In order to complete a look, a lot of women get fake nails. Problems with fake nails include: splitting, breaking off, coming completely off, and losing the ability to correctly utilize the fingers. Typing on a touch screen computer is almost impossible with fake nails. They also can feel super weird and be totally gross underneath. The price we pay to be beautiful!

2. Broken Heels

After countless hours of perfecting your date night look, you look and feel flawless! Then, all of a sudden, on the way to dinner, something makes a loud snapping sound. You lose your balance, fall over, and fall on top of a fellow bystander, into the roadway, or halfway into a garbage bin because that's the kind of luck you have. Not to mention, now you have one 4 inch heeled shoe, and one no inch heeled shoe. So it's either the broken heel hobble or bare feet for you!

3. Mascara in the Eye

Let every woman scream, “Sweet baby Jesus, WHY?” No matter how hard you balance, mouth hanging open, praying you don't stab yourself in the eyeball: you stab yourself in the eyeball. Men probably don't realize that mascara in the eye burns. A lot. Who would have thought a product made for use around the eyes is an eye irritant?

4. Cat Calls

Nothing makes a woman more disgusted than some big idiot hollering, “Hey baby,” proceeded by screaming some crude phrase indicating that she has a nice backside. Go back home to your momma's house because she don't want no scrub, honey.

5. Weight Scrutiny

If a man puts on a few pounds, it's no big deal. If a woman puts on a few pounds, people start asking if she's pregnant or if she would like to know about a new miracle diet they've recently seen on a Facebook ad. No, just no.

6. Periods

Periods are funny. Not ha ha funny, but cosmic joke funny. Periods bring blood. Buckets of blood. They also bring pain, PMS, mood swings, and fatigue. However, the whole cycle allows us to bear children, so that's nice...for some women.

7. Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be so beautiful, if you're not the one that's pregnant. Bringing life into this world is not like basking in the warmth of the sun while your various orifices emit beautiful rainbows like some seem to think. That sounds fantastic, but think more along the lines of giant, bloated whale, craving unusual foods with the hunger of a thousand starving men, only to be able to eat three bites because your stomach is so squished that you will vomit if you eat anymore. That's pregnancy.

8. Age Discrimination

It's been studied, and women consistently face age discrimination in the work force. Frequently they hear, “You're just over-qualified for the position,” or, “We decided to go with another candidate who was a better fit.” Blah, blah, blah, we know you think we are too old for the job but you can't legally tell us that.

9. Boobage

While some men deal with a little boobage, they are grossly under prepared for the boobage that some women struggle with. So many boob issues like boobs that are too big, boobs that are too small, boob sweat, asymmetrical boobs and the always hated brassiere. Dr. Seuss could have written a book on boobage! 1 Boob, 2 Boob, Small Boob, Flat Boob.

10. Being Feminine Enough

Women are frequently expected to exhibit a certain amount of femininity in society. This pressure to seem feminine and attractive all of the time is not something men encounter. Some expect women to smile, or wear makeup. I say, do whatever you want too girl!

11. Pap smears

If we have to have them, men have to know about them. Sorry. Nothing like having medieval-looking tools and whole hands shoved into one of your body cavities!

12. The Self-Cleaning Oven Itself

Have you ever heard of discharge? It's an awesome little thing that happens frequently to keep that area clean and moist. Vaginas leak varying substances consistently, and constantly. Vaginas are phenomenal, but are also an incredible pain.

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