We really do have the best of the best when it comes to first responders in our community!

Back in March there were a few reports going around of women being followed by strange men in Evansville stores, since the initial reports came out, I have only heard a couple stories here and there about that going on.  Well this story starts out the same way. I saw a Facebook post today, and knew I needed to share it, to not only serve as a reminder to pay attention to your surroundings, but also to thank the great work of this Evansville firefighter, for going above and beyond.

Breana was in the East side Walmart in Evansville where she happened to notice two men following her through the store, they even followed her up to the self check out.  Her gut feeling was that something wasn't right, so she was stalling while checking out, and asked a worker to help her.  While the Walmart employee was paging for someone to come take Breana to her car, luck was on her side!

Checking out at the same time as Breana was an Evansville firefighter, he overheard her story, and offered to help her out.  Not only did he walk her to her car, he made sure that she and her child were able to get safely inside it, he also took her cart back for her and then followed her down the road in his firetruck to make sure the men were not following her.  This man went above and beyond the call of duty for sure!

But don't take my word for it, read the full story from Breana below:

So today.. it happened to me...the story you hear about on social media & never think it will happen or you just think the people are being dramatic. It's real life. I was walking around walmart getting a few things I had seen the same 2 guys a couple times & didn't think much of it until I kept seeing them everywhere I went & eventually they followed me to self checkout. I had called the cashier over to tell him I needed "help" when I was really stalling for time hoping the two talking in a different language (they were Mexican) & looking at me would soon be done &leave. They got done & first sat outside the exit doors at the benches then when I looked at them they decided to go "act" like they were playing the stuffed animal claw game.. As the cashier was "helping" me I proceeded to tell him about the 2 & I asked if he would find someone to walk me out to my car. As he was trying to find someone the other cashier (there happen to be 2 at self checkout at that time) asked me what he was doing & I told him.. there was another guy checking out who just happened to be a firefighter that overheard & offered to walk me out so he walked me out & made sure I was able to get Zaylyn (luckily I just had him with me) in the car & he took my cart for me & even followed me a little down the road in the fire truck to make sure they weren't following me. Shout out to the EFD they have such great firefighters!! LADIES BE CAREFUL!! I've read so many stories & EVERYTIME I think "dang I feel sorry for them but I know it would never happen to me" wellllll it DID!! & COULD AGAIN!! BE CAUTIOUS OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS!!!!

This serves as a great reminder to always be aware of your surroundings, and trust your gut instinct. There's no shame in asking for help if you need it, be an advocate for yourself. Be careful out there!

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