Drake's new Scorpion Album becomes the  first album to reach the 1 BILLION stream mark in less than a WEEK! They say the there's no such thing as bad publicity, and considering all the 'pub' that Drizzy's been getting, I'm not surprised at all!

The rap beef between Drake and Pusha-T combined with all the allegations of being a delinquent father has apparently played to Drake's favor with over 750 million of those streams being from withing the U.S.!

Post Malone previously held the record for the most streams with 450 Million (to date) which Drake blew past in the first couple of days! Even some of his older songs are feeling the ripple effect by hitting either platinum or multi-platinum status on the day of the release of Scorpion!

Here's a montage of the TOP 10 Songs off the new SCORPION album...Congratulation DRAKE!

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