We're not the only ones who need a break from the heat during the hot and humid Evansville summers. Our four-legged family members need to cool off every so often as well as they walk with their owners, and one Evansville business is offering a cute way to let them re-hydrate for free.

During a recent stroll down the Main Street Walkway in downtown Evansville to grab a bite to eat, I noticed a small shelter set up outside a store called, Outside the Gift Box. It looked a little like a dog house with no walls. There was a roof complete with shingles, and the base of it sat a few inches off the ground thanks to the wooden legs that held the roof up. Just under that roof sat a large water jug like you'd find around a construction site or on the bench of a youth league sporting event along with a metal bowl and a sign that read, "PUP STOP...Fresh water for your pooch...Free treats inside!" which I thought was a really nice gesture for those enjoying a summer's day with a stroll down the Walkway.

Get a better look in the video above.

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