My fiance was on a cruise this weekend celebrating her bachelorette party, so I had a bachelor weekend.  While her bachelorette weekend consists of endless buffets, all-you-can-drink alcohol, and traveling on a cruise ship to foreign countries, mine consisted of video games, mowing the lawn, watching wrestling and "The Sopranos," and playing with my dogs.


I took a selfie to commemorate one of the most lit bachelor weekends of ALL TIME!  It was originally just supposed to go to Brittany, but I decided to share it on Facebook as well.  For some reason, I was getting a lot of comments saying that I looked SAD!  I wasn't sad at all when I took the photo, and I went back and looked at it, and honestly, I really don't think I look sad in it.


Since it's a picture of me, I might not be the best judge of it, though.  I'm worried I may have whatever the male equivalent of "resting b--chface" is and not even know.  Am I unable to smile?  Am I incapable of happiness?  Please tell me if you think I look sad in this picture.


Photo: The Rob Hirschbuhl
Photo: The Rob Hirschbuhl



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