-by Jason Moore

It’s almost one of those “rites of passage" in childhood. I remember lying on the ground, staring up at the sky, seeing shapes, people, words, animals in the clouds. Imagination is an amazing gift, and the human mind can take the freeform clouds and turn them into big goofy toys, faces of religious figures, or perhaps a favorite food. What you see or don’t see is often determined by the ability to think abstractly using your brain space, or how hungry you are at the time!

But you don’t have to be "cloudologist" to see the picture below painted in the sky with this creative cumulus… or is it a spectacular stratocumulus? (I’ll let you comment below to keep me straight, I don’t claim to be a cloudologist ya know.) It’s the great state of, err… Commonwealth of Kentucky!

Jason Moore

You DO see it right? Here’s a reference image of Kentucky provided by our crack research team.

I spotted this beauty on a road trip, coming back home to Kentucky and I thought it was really appropriate as I returned to “My Old Kentucky Home” and it made me smile. What’s the neatest, coolest, wildest thing you’ve seen in the sky? Tell us or share your pics in the comments below!

Jamie Carroll