Very early this morning Big Boy shared a story with The Rob's Radio Show involving an incident in which he almost went to jail for murder in Tampa five years ago.  He and some friends were filming a video for YouTube in which it looked like they stumbled upon a homeless man and then beat him brutally.  Police and news outlets got ahold of the video and began linking Big Boy to murders throughout the Tampa homeless community.


However, Big Boy's beating of the homeless man was fake.  Off camera the man agreed to take part in a fake beating, and Big Boy paid the man in food.  When police interviewed the homeless man, he told the officers that Big Boy and his friends were very nice and respectful to him.  The charges against Big Boy were eventually dropped, but Kat Mykals still thinks it was wrong to do what Big Boy did.  You can listen to the audio and make the decision for youreself.


Was what Big Boy did wrong?