The soundtrack is just so good!

dear evan

My love for musical theatre is no secret. It's actually become a large part of my radio show. One of the best musicals I've had the pleasure of hearing as of late is the phenomenal Dear Evan Hansen.

The musical stars Ben Platt (Pitch Perfect) as Evan, a teen who struggles with social anxiety. After a classmate kills himself, Evan manages to write himself into the story by fabricating that he and the classmates were actually really great friends. This allows him to get everything he's ever wanted. Eventually the lies unfold and he has to face the consequences of what he's done.

That's the plot of the musical, but the real star is the music. I have not become this obsessed with a musical soundtrack since Hamilton. Every song is masterfully written and performed by the cast. I find myself going back and listening to the songs over and over again. The emotion and heart that is put into each performance is truly astounding. Just check out Ben Platt performing "Waving Through a Window" at this years Tony Awards:

It's just so good. The entire album is fantastic, although I would recommend reading the Wikipedia entry as you listen so you can get some context as to what is happening in the musical. The album is currently streaming on Spotify and can be purchased wherever you would normally get music.

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