Despite 4th of July falling on a Tuesday this year, many people are using a day or two of vacation time to enjoy an extended weekend of shooting off fireworks, grilling out, and presumably a few alcoholic beverages. But be warned, Evansville law enforcement will be looking for you if you decide to get behind the wheel after one too many.

Our media partners at Eyewitness News are reporting police will be increasing patrols and sobriety checkpoints throughout the weekend keeping an eye out for those who let their alcohol-soaked brain talk them into thinking they were good to get themselves home.

Honestly, in this day and age, there's no excuse for drinking and driving considering the variety of options available in the area for getting home safely, and more importantly, not endangering the lives of others. Between Uber, Lyft, local cab companies, or simply assigning a designated driver, there's no reason you should drive after a night of partying.

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