"Dad Bods" have become quite the trend over the past year or so as a counter to the chiseled physiques we're bombarded with in entertainment and advertising. If, for whatever reason, you long for a bit of pooch to hang over your belt, but those darn genetics, and all that healthy living you've been doing is preventing it from happening, one man has come up with a way to live those Dad-Bod fantasies that's also a fun way to carry your stuff!

While not available for purchase just yet, the "Dadbag" comes in six, count 'em, SIX different styles ranging in various levels of detail. There's "The Allen" featuring a slightly tanned skin tone and a modest amount of hairiness. "The Bobby" resembles someone more like myself, slightly pale skin tone, and just a smattering of hair around and below the belly button. Then you have "The Sherman," the perfect pack for the man who wants to give the impression he resembles a bear walking upright.

Regardless of style, all six styles are fully functioning fanny packs with an opening at the top to store whatever you don't want to put in your pockets. Keys, phone, spare beer, wallet, whatever.

This definitely odd, but it is really funny. I'm amazed by how life-like they look. As a guy who's been rocking a Dad-Bod since before they were (supposedly) cool, it feels good to see my decision to eat whatever I want, and do little to no exercising is finally gaining social acceptance.

Here's the question, would you let your guy walk around wearing a Dadbag? Vote now in the poll below!

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