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Since I was about twelve years old, I have been experimenting with make-up and skincare. I feel like I have always done a pretty good job of applying it, but there are a few things I have yet to perfect. One of my biggest make-up challenges is having fabulous eyebrows.

I never seem to get them right. They are either to dark or too light, and they are never the same. I see videos of women with perfect eyebrows, and I wish I had those kinds of brow skills. Then, as I was scrolling through Facebook, I came across an eyebrow hack that blew my mind.

An Everra make-up Facebook group that I belong to had a video from one of their influencers, Deanna Barber Bengie, that made the ombre eyebrow game look simple.

Don't you love this?!?! Now, if I could apply all of my make-up this way. Better yet, someone as talented as Deanna could apply it for me. Thank you, Deanna, for being such a positive/ fun influence in the beauty industry.

She, along with other women and men I see on Tik Tok are truly make-up artists. It takes a certain set of artistic skills to contour your eyes, brows, lips and face. I am in awe of their skills.

My bonus daughter is actually going to school to be a make-up artist/esthetician. It's funny to think about how much she struggled to find her make-up way when she was a teen. It was so bad at first. LOL. I can't wait to see all of the things she will be able to teach me.


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