Conan O'Brien recently revealed on his nightly talk show that he made an appearance in an '80s training video for musical instrument salesmen. The talk show host played a clip from the video, which shows him at an awkward, younger stage pretending to be a difficult customer.

"28 years ago, when I was just starting out in this business, and I had just come to LA and was working as a TV writer, someone came up to be and said, 'Hey, we're shooting this thing.'" he says to the audience and co-host Andy Richter. "'We'll pay you next to nothing. Do you want to do it?' It was for the National Association of Music Merchants."

In the clip, O'Brien pretends to be a pushy customer, making it difficult for the salesman trying to sell him a guitar. The clip that shown has all the characteristics one might think of when imagining a bad '80s instructional video: cheesy sound effects, cheap video effects and bad hair.

After playing it, O'Brien himself mocked the clip, remarking about how high pitched his younger self sounded.

Check out Conan in his younger years by playing the video above.

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