If the sight of Ludacris' digitally implanted abs in the video for his new single "Vitamin D" drummed up images of gas station dinner rolls or Sega Dreamcast landscapes, you weren't alone. Still, Luda insists it was all part of the fun.

In a new interview with Conanthe rapper said it was very much his intent to make himself look a little less than human, and that the reaction "Vitamin D" invited was exactly what he was aiming for.

"This is typical Ludacris behavior," he said. "If anybody has seen any of my videos, this is one-hundred percent meant to be. I like having fun like you [Conan], I like when people joke, I don't take myself too seriously. Ludacris means beyond crazy, wild, ridiculous. This is all meant to be, so I'm giving people great entertainment."

The new Fear Factor host also pointed out that the process of making oneself into a G.I. Joe clone is not cheap, but that he was happy to shell out the dough to create something unusual.

"It cost a little something, but that's what separates me from all the other artists out there; I hate when people try to be the same," he added. "You gotta be unique, very unique."

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