Looking to de-clutter the house a bit? Have the kids outgrown their toys? Don't just throw it out. Partner with your child and try selling it during the 5th annual Children's Museum of Evansville Kids Flea Market! Your trash may be someone else's treasure.

Table space is still available for the event set for Saturday, July 17th beginning at 10:00 a.m. for $15 with a limit of two tables per family.

What you sell is completely up to you. It could be old toys your kids don't play with anymore, books they no longer read, CD's, DVDs, or even homemade crafts you've worked on together.

While the event is geared towards kids, and the opportunity for them to learn the basics of running a business, handling money, making change, etc., adults who make products designed for children such as clothing and toys, are also welcome to participate for $25 per table, however limited space is available.

For more information on the Kids Flea Market (including booking a table), as well as the coinciding Kid-sized Career Fair taking place the same time, visit the official cMoe website.

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