Back before he made Cop Car and landed the highly-coveted Spider-Man: Homecoming directing gig, Jon Watts made a little horror film called Clown. The twisted result of a collaboration between Watts and Christopher D. Ford, Clown tells the story of a man whose life is torturously taken over by a seemingly innocuous clown suit that turns out to be far more than a mere costume.

Perhaps more interesting than the trailer is the film’s production history: Clown originated as a pretty convincing (and chilling) trailer for a fake movie directed by Eli Roth. It was so effective that it caught the attention of Roth himself, who offered to produce a feature-length version of the film with Watts directing based a on screenplay he co-wrote with Ford.

Like the fake trailer, Clown centers on a dad scrambling to find a replacement for his son’s birthday entertainment. When he stumbles upon an old clown suit and makeup, the desperate dad takes matters into his own hands. But this is no average clown suit, and removing it proves to be impossible as the costume has begun horrifically grafting to its host.

Dimension Films acquired Clown after it was made back in 2012, and since then it’s been sitting on a shelf — unfortunately, it’s not the first time Dimension has acquired a title just to shelve it for the foreseeable future. The same thing happened with Livid, the French fantasy horror film from the directors of Inside, which originally made the festival rounds back in 2011.

Clown has already been released in the UK, and now it’s finally hitting US theaters on June 17, perhaps to capitalize on Watts’ recent success. You’d think a four-year-old film from the new Spider-Man director would be given a little more attention, but it looks like Clown is getting unceremoniously dumped into theaters.

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