It's stop-motion madness!

I am not only amazed  by the imaginations of other people, but the time they will put into bringing their thoughts to life. Who plays Mario Brothers, looks at a stack of Post-It™ notes, and says, "Wouldn't it be cool to re-create this game I'm playing with these sticky notes sitting on my desk?" A guy by the name of Zach King, that's who.

King is a Los Angeles film student and the operator of, a website he created in December of 2008 that features other videos showcasing his imaginative re-interpretations of popular video games along with tutorial videos to show common folk like you and I how he puts these videos together.

His most recent submission features the iconic, princess-saving plumber, 7,000 sticky notes, and untold amount of hours  of stop motion video (I assume it was just a little north of "a lot"). Stop motion meaning he set his shot, took about one to two seconds of video, then moved everything a fraction of an inch and repeated the process until he reached the end of his vision. Another example of good stop motion being the dancing army men video I shared with you a couple of weeks ago.

Take a minute to check out "Post-It Mario" and be sure to check out King's YouTube page to see his other videos.

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