You may have heard this come up on the radio last week during The Rob's Radio Show With Maddie West...  With Liberty (Maddie was still out at this point).  Liberty and I were talking about the toys that are currently in McDonald's Happy Meals, because they're Super Mario toys.  Her son Chase was nice enough to donate one of his Yoshi toys to me since he had a duplicate.  The fact that Chase did THAT for me warmed my heart, but one of our listeners REALLY stepped the game up, and literally did one of the nicest things anyone ever had done for me.


On Thursday morning, we received an e-mail from Danielle, an angel who claimed to work at McDonald's in Mount Vernon...  And that she had actually collected ALL EIGHT of the Super Mario Happy Meal toys for me!  I called the number she provided in the e-mail and told me that every word of the e-mail was true, and that she wanted me to have them because she knows how much I like them (for years I've been saying I always collect all of the Super Mario McDonald's Happy Meal toys)!


I couldn't believe someone I had never met before could do something so nice for me!  So, I loaded the KISS Cruiser up with some KISS stuff, drive it all the way out to Mount Vernon, and met Danielle!  I was taken aback by her sincere generosity!  Thank you again, Danielle, for being so awesome!


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