Not since Pauly Shore's, In the Army Now, has the military looked so fabulous!

I remember having a bucket of army men when I was a kid that found themselves in some pretty epic battles. One battalion strategically place on "the hill" (a.k.a. the couch) defending their territory from the onslaught of enemies attacking from the floor.

I also remember making home movies at a friends house using their home video camera and whatever action figures were lying around; meaning a battle between Ninja Turtles and Luke Skywalker was commonplace. Keep in mind, this was back in the mid to late '80's which meant video cameras didn't fit in your pocket like they do now. This was a decent size contraption that filmed video on a full size VHS tape, at the time it was pretty advanced technology.

Using their pool table as our stage, we would act out scenes on the fly with our hands in the shot the entire time as we moved the figures around the scene. Not exactly Oscar worthy film making by any means. Every once in a while we attempt an extremely archaic version of stop-motion animation where we would move each piece slightly and shoot one to two seconds of video, then repeat the process over and over again until the scene was over, or until we got tired of messing with it and our young attention spans were diverted to something else.

The latter of the two methods, while it produced the better end product, was extremely time-consuming which makes me appreciate this video from Spongebob Squarepants writer, David Fain even more.

Using the song "Ohayoo Ohio" by a band called Pink Martini, Fain takes the iconic green army men and choreographs a dance routine to beat of the song which results in a pretty sweet video.

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