What does the conclusion of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, A Christmas Carol, A Charlie Brown Christmas and just about every other classic holiday movie have in common? Christmas isn't about ribbons. It's not about tags. It's not about packages, boxes, or bags.

Sometimes we all get so inundated with the noise of Christmas (and let's face it- everyday life) it's hard for us as adults to stop and have gratitude for what we have. And in trying to check off all the boxes, we might forget to take the time to remember others who are less fortunate. Then, we inadvertently pass along the attitude of entitlement to our children. I say we because I'm very much guilty of this.

When I first laid eyes on the book In the Nick of Time by Deedee Cummings, it was refreshing to see a holiday children's book that displayed diverse characters. When the main character "Nick" receives a letter that was meant for St. Nick from a homeless boy living in a shelter. He learns that the boy attends his school and though determined to help, quickly finds out that not everyone needs latest in toys and games - but instead need the most basic of necessities.

The beautifully illustrated book helps little ones grasp that though their living situation might be comfortable, it might not be for someone else just like them. And we need to come together as a community to build each other up and help each other in times of need. This year has been especially hard on folks and we, more than ever, need each other.

It's definitely worth the read this Christmas season and will be a story book your children will treasure for years to come.

Get your copy at makeawaymedia.com or on Amazon.

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