You may have noticed more people than normal resembling cows here in Evansville yesterday, and if you're wondering why I have the answer...  Yesterday was "Cow Appreciation Day" around the country!  Cow Appreciation Day is a national promotion put on by Chick-Fil-A, and if you show up to their restaurant dressed up like a cow you get yourself a free entree item.  The cow is Chick-Fil-A's mascot.  Also "dressing like a cow" runs the spectrum from holding a paper cow mask, to taping spots to yourself, to professional cow costumes.


Just here in Evansville I could not believe how many people I saw in line wearing cow apparel!  The line at their east-side location was literally out the door at lunch time, and we actually decided to go eat at their location in the Eastland Mall.  However, at the first location, they had so many promotional items, outdoor picnic seating, a huge inflatable cow, as well both a REAL LIFE COW and a one-week-old baby calf!!  It was crazy!  Check out some of the fun in the photos and video below!


Cow Appreciation Day

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