It's been about 30 days since the geese have taken over the parking lot, and yes, they are still there.  Marvel, god bless him, is STILL guarding his family, STILL not moving for people or cars, and STILL not taking anybody's crap!  Madea?  She's still sitting on those eggs, which I also have some more information on.


Thanks to this picture I received this weekend from Kyla at Showplace East, she was able to learn that eggs appear to be in good shape.  Also, it looks like they may become a big family here shortly are we can count SEVEN eggs currently in the nest!  I googled how long it takes goose eggs to hatch, and The Department of Primary Industries reports that goose eggs typically start hatching in about 30 days (which by my math would indicate TODAY, April 15th, 2019) and that the process can take up to three days!


Again, we will definitely let you know when we know more about this beautiful story that is unfolding naturally outside of Showplace East!

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