Yesterday I wrote an article about the family of geese that have made a home out of a flower bed near the entrance of the east  side Showplace Cinemas here in Evansville.  Long story short, there's a mother goose sitting on eggs in a nest, and a father goose who is extremely protective of his wife and unborn children.  It's adorable.  On Facebook last night, I shared the article and asked if other people were familiar with the geese, and people definitely knew what I was talking about.  At the end of my article, I asked if anyone had any further information on the geese to please contact me.  Well, I have received an e-mail from a manager at Showplace East, and I have obtained pretty much all the info we could possibly want!


Kyla, a manager a Showplace East, reached out to me and filled me in.  The geese are apparently Canadian geese, which I believe is a very common breed here in the United States.  They showed up two Saturdays ago, March 16th, 2019.  She told me that they observed the female to be making a nest on that day, and the male was protecting her.  Kayla told me that the geese left for a short period of time, and when she went out to where the nest was built, she noticed that they had laid eggs in the nest!


Later that night, customers were alerting the staff to the fact that there was a goose who would not leave the roadway.  They called Animal Control to safely remove the geese.  Animal Control told them that since the geese were on their private property, it was up to them how they wanted to handle the situation.  Showplace did not want to move the nest, for fear the geese would not move with it.  In a decision that I find very admirable, they decided to leave the nest be, and actually had their maintenance team put some netting around the nesting area to help keep them safe, as well as some caution signs and road cones!


Kyla also told me that the geese quickly became part of the Showplace family!  The employees have even named them!  She told me that the mother goose is named Madea, and that daddy goose's name is Marvel...  You can probably imagine what inspired those names!  And yes, Marvel is ALWAYS very protective of his wife, Madea!


I have asked Kyla to keep me updated about this amazing goose family and honestly heartwarming story!  Hopefully, we'll able to see these eggs hatch and this young goose family grow.  Also, a big shout out to Showplace Cinemas for not displacing the geese, and to Marvel and Madea, whose love and devotion is really one that even us humans could learn from.


Marvel. Photo: The Rob Hirschbuhl


Madea. Photo: The Rob Hirschbuhl


Photo: Kyla, Showplace Cinemas (East)


Marvel refuses to move from his post. Photo: The Rob Hirschbuhl


Marvel and Madea. Photo: Kyla, Showplace Cinemas (East)


Another shot of the goose family! Photo: Larisa Negron via Facebook