In the world of marketing, new and cool is a big plus, and can be hard to manage sometimes. Luckily for us, the folks at Old Spice have nailed it with their latest interactive online ad!


Here's the deal. The new Old Spice ad features hair that can do anything, including playing Huey Lewis songs on the keyboard. Here's where you come in... you can pick which song you want the magic hair to play! Need a cheat sheet of Huey Lewis songs? Let me help you:

  • Best of Me
  • Blue Monday
  • Do You Believe in Love
  • Heart and Soul
  • The Heart of Rock & Roll
  • Hip to Be Square
  • I Want a New Drug
  • The Power of Love

Go ahead... give it a try! The hair even has a fog machine and disco ball to make the performances top notch! This totally made me giggle hysterically! Follow Old Spice on Twitter for more hilarity.